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What is Harmony?

A One-Stop for Enterprise Identity Management

Harmony provides a single point for each and every small to medium organization by providing built-in functionality that every enterprise company requires. This ranges from modules such as state-of-the-art Centralized/De-Centralized Time and Attendance, Access Control to Logical Access and HRMS.

The beauty of Harmony is that typical organizations already have one or more of the modules instilled within their organization. With that in mind, most organizations only want to leverage some of the components / modules available in Harmony, whilst integrating their other existing ERP related systems with it.

This provides organizations with maximum control, advantage and efficiency. Organizations can pick and choose the components they wish to use and integrate their existing systems into those modules almost seamlessly.

Key Features

  • De-central and Central-controlled time and attendance capabilities without being dependent on a constant on-line connection to head office
  • Use of state of the art devices which have enhanced and stronger security features coupled with reliable attendance facilities, supporting facial and fingerprint recognition
  • An easy-to-use, modern web based interface, capable of setting up access control for a site within a few simple clicks, by an Administrator
  • Support for Gregorian and Hijri dates
  • Multi lingual support
  • Real-time clock-in/clock-out functionality through biometric devices or via manual check-in/out, where required
  • Support for shift-based staff, providing 24 hour attendance records, 365 days a year
  • Offline clock-in/clock-out support, with back-end synchronization when connectivity is restored (either via mobile data connectivity, network LAN connectivity or batch files)
  • A dedicated Manager’s companion mobile application for iOS and Android, which provides managers the ability to view pertinent attendance information such as later-comers, early leavers and a detailed list of clock-ins & clock-outs for a manager’s department or team

Application Screens

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