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What is MyOrder?

Get ready for the next generation of delivery management for your restaurant

PImagine the scene where an organization delivering goods or services, did not require scheduling and managing their drivers and could immediately determine how long it would take for an order or service to be delivered to their customers?

How can you bring down your delivery costs and optimize your service at the same time?

Using an intelligent soon to be patented unique algorithm, OnTheWay’s MyOrder automatically assigns orders to drivers and estimates delivery times, re-calculates based on real-time circumstances (such as an accident, red lights etc).

In addition, customers are able to view their order/service and the drivers’ location through a dedicated mobile app or through the organizations own smartphone application.

- Integrated state-of-the-art Command Centre and multi-channel solution providing a 360° view
- Automatically assign drivers to orders/service based on configurable parameters such as nearby location, ETA’s, driver performance and ratings
- Enable customers with a dedicated mobile app showing them the real-time ETA for their order/service
- Fully integrated with Order and Call Centre/Telephone Order Systems

Key Features

  • Rich Manager Command
    Centre Dashboard
  • Traffic Prediction
  • Intelligent Driver Behavior Identification
  • Automatic Driver Assignment with
    Multiple Nearby Orders
  • Complete Customer Transparency
    on the Web and Mobile.
  • Cloud Ready!
  • Competitive Fun Interactive
    Branch Leaderboard!

How it Works

The Challenges Today and How OnTheWay MyOrder Addresses it?

“It is hard to track where a driver is, without having to contact the driver. This can be unsafe since they may be driving whilst the phone is ringing.”

OnTheWay MyOrder provides your branch the ability to track all your drivers in real-time on a map, and view which order they are currently delivering to.

“It is difficult to measure how long a driver will take to return back to the store after they have delivered all their orders.”

OnTheWay MyOrder provides your branch manager and driver an estimated time of arrival (taking into account traffic information) in real time, so you know when your drivers are due to return.

“During busy periods, it is time consuming for the branch manager to manually organize and group large numbers of deliveries that are nearby. This is important as nearby orders should be assigned to the same driver to speed delivery time.”

OnTheWay MyOrder with its intelligent allocation engine, automatically assigns orders to drivers who are most likely to arrive back to the branch first. It also groups nearby orders and assigns them to the same driver, saving your branch manager time and mistakes.

“We want to introduce competition amongst stores, but it is difficult doing this manually based on bulletins and emails.”

OnTheWay MyOrder ‘gamifies’ your branches by providing each branch with a score based on measurements and criteria you decide.

Application Screens

Ready To Get Started?

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