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What is Private Security System?


In recent times, criminals are becoming more intelligent finding different ways to combat security in private and public places. With this in mind, every security firm and government agency wants to ensure that they have the best resources and technologies available to prevent incidents from ever occurring and to be able to manage cases when they do happen, calmly and efficiently.

Entermarkets’ Private Security System (PSS) provides world-class security for your agency by introducing our Connected Guards technology, helping to better secure your areas and vehicles. We help track your guards and Cash-In-Transit vehicles, providing route tracking, patrol monitoring, CCTV recording, harsh driving alerts, broadcast messaging and much more.

We help record security incidents from your guards electronically, with built in video and voice recording, helping you to provide evidence quickly to Police Authorities and to your back-office Security Firms.

We help government agencies monitor incidents, find trends and patters of security incidents quickly through maps and business intelligent analytics. Agencies can view top down against reports from all Security Firms, all areas or drill-down to select firms and specific areas.

Key Features

  • Guard & Firms
  • Command Centre Incident
    Analysis & Messaging
  • Dedicated Security Guard
    Mobile App
  • Guard and Cash-In-Transit
    Asset Tracking
  • Command Centre for alerts when
    vehicles go Off-course
  • Specialized state-of-the-art
    Cash-In-Transit module
  • Automatic vehicle shut-off if
    staff exit vehicle
  • Route monitoring, harsh driving
    & over-speeding detection

How it Works

Application Screens

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