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What is Harmony Visitor Management?

Welcoming visitors to any location within an organisation is a daily recurring activity. To leave an excellent lasting first impression their visit must proceed seamlessly and efficiently, Yet ensuring that their safety and security is maintained.

We have probably all faced the scenario in having to wait in a queue to provide information in order to obtain a gate pass or providing the paper gate pass to security and finding out that they did not receive the internal copy to be able to verify the visit.

It is important therefore to ensure that visitors are provided the correct entry pass to enter premises securely and that the approval and issuance process is handled prior to their visit. At the same time, organisations must ensure that security and access is restricted to visitors so that they are only allowed access to authorised areas during their scheduled visit.

Key Features

  • Multiple channel offering for
    requesting an appointment
  • Enhanced security with automatic
    blacklist verification
  • Issue gate passes electronically – no need
    for the issuing of physical cards or printing gate passes
  • Integrated Access Control allowing only
    authorised access to specific areas
  • Harmony compatible to integrate with
    your organizations CCTV solution
  • Comprehensive dashboard monitoring
    and reporting in real time

How it Works

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