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Our Products

We offer a variety of solution based products focusing on innovation and technology helping clients around the world to deliver world class end-to-end products across a diverse set of customers.


Never ask ‘Where’ and ‘When’ again!

How many times have you asked ‘Where are you?’ and ‘When will you get here’? OnTheWay answers these questions for individuals and businesses by providing a tightly integrated delivery and logistics platform.

The OnTheWay Personal mobile application is designed for your friends to easily find out where you are and how long they will take to reach you. A simple Mobile App launched on your Smart Phone provides these features.

Head over to www.onthewaymobile.com to get started for free!


Start Growing your Delivery Capacity!

Powered by the OnTheWay platform, Nearby helps restaurants and delivery outlets around the world track their drivers on a dashboard, providing accurate estimated time of arrival.

The solution notifies you when the driver is nearby to your outlet, so you can prepare for the next order (or next delivery) before they arrive, saving you time and increasing your order processing capacity.

Get started for free at www.onthewayonline.com and start increasing your delivery capabilities now!


Get Ready for the Next Generation of Delivery Management

An integrated solution providing a 360° view of where your food order is and when it will be delivered without ever having to call the restaurant.

MyOrder provides a last-mile logistics platform that allows organizations to monitor the delivery of their products right to the doors of their clients and consumers, through the use of an intuitive command and control dashboard.

The solution is built on our unique Delivery and Optimized Tracking OnTheWay Platform, enabling companies the ability to improve customer service and lower operational costs, by increasing the efficiency of delivery and driver management, ensuring customers receive their order in an efficient manner.

The platform integrates with your logistics services providing companies that are delivering services, the ability to inform customers, precisely with the time their service is expected to be delivered.

For more details, visit our product site.


Effective Security Personnel Monitoring

A real time platform to view and monitor live security updates, track your security personnel, assign immediate response units and broadcast messages using multiple channels.

The I’m Ready product powered by our unique OnTheWay location services platform provides security firms with an effective Dashboard Command Centre and Intuitive Real-Time Analytics, to help determine the exact location of Security Personnel and allow decision making for enabling dispatch of rapid response units.

For more details, please download our brochure here or visit our product site.
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Private Security System

A Comprehensive Security Solution for Governments and Security Firms

Clamp down on criminal activity with the next generation of security solutions. The Private Security System (PSS) solution provides world-class security for organizations by introducing our Connected Security Personnel technology.

PSS provides several capabilities for Security Firms, in helping to track Cash-In-Transit (or valuable assets) vehicles and Security Personnel through a single web based Dashboard Command Centre. Included is the ability for Security Personnel to raise incidents through a dedicated mobile application allowing for built-in video and voice recording to be included within the Incident report.

For more details, please download our brochure here or visit our product site.
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Connected Enterprise Identity Management

Typically organizations have disparate systems for Enrolment, Time and Attendance, Access Control and Security, Performance Management, CCTV and similar systems. These disparate systems result in many processes being handled manually, as well as being insecure and requiring high level of integration and operational maintenance.

Harmony provides a comprehensive, single open-platform which is available through the use of multiple channels including smartphones, Smart Terminals (Kiosks) and wearables. The solution provides numerous modules including enterprise level time and attendance and access control, supporting multiple devices with the capability to integrate with other third party platforms.

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Harmony Visitor Management

Make your Next Visit Seamless, Efficient and Secure

The Harmony Visitor Management solution provides your organization with an efficient and secure visitor management system; allowing your visitors a secure and convenient entry into your facilities, through an electronic approval process. Visitors simply receive their gate-pass on their smart phone and present this to a barcode reader at your premises.

Eliminate the need for paper based gate-passes and bring efficiency to your business!

For more details, please download our brochure here or visit our product site.
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